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GATEWAY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL  SUGGESTED Supply List for the 2021-2022 School Year.  (Individual teachers may also send home letters the first week of school.)  Parents: If you would like to make a donation to our school, the following is A SUGGESTED SUPPLY LIST. IT IS NOT MANDATORY!! EVERY STUDENT PARTICIPATES IN ALL ASPECTS OF THE CLASSROOM CURRICULUM AND RELATED ACTIVITIES REGARDLESS OF A DONATION. NO STUDENT’S PERFORMANCE EVALUATION IS AFFECTED REGARDLESS OF A DONATION TO THE SCHOOL. SD Pre-School  1 backpack (NO WHEELS)  2 reams white or colored paper  25-30 small Elmer glue sticks  1 package washable markers  1 large refill for baby wipes  3 boxes Kleenex  1 box gallon Ziploc baggies  Hand Sanitizer  Stickers  IF NOT TOILET TRAINED: disposable scented diaper sacks, Clorox sanitizing wipes, sealed refill pack baby wipes and diapers. Second Grade  Hand Sanitizer  1 backpack (NO WHEELS!)  1 zippered pouch for pencils or pencil box  2 LARGE glue sticks  1 box 24 crayons (Crayola preferred)  1 box 10 classic color washable markers (not thin line)  24 sharpened #2 pencils  1 package dry erase markers (not thin line)  1 package highlighters (pink, yellow, green colors)  2 reams (500 count) of white copy paper  2 boxes of tissue  25 letter size sheet protectors  1 ½ inch binder with clear pocket on front Kindergarten  1 full-size backpack (NO WHEELS!)  1 pencil box  25-30 small Elmer glue sticks or 6-10 Jumbo glue sticks 1 box of 10 Crayola classic color Bold WASHABLE markers  2 packages of dry erase markers* (NOT thin line & low odor)  1 package of Sharpies  2 boxes of 24 Crayola Brand crayons  2 reams of white copy paper  2 boxes of Kleenex  1 2” PLAIN binder – no decorations  Hand Sanitizer Third Grade  Hand Sanitizer  1 backpack  4 pocket folders  2 zippered pencil pouches (not a hard box)  4 spiral notebooks  1 2” binder (for memory book)  1 box each of colored pencils AND 24 count crayons  1 package markers (fine or bold tipped)  1 pair headphones/earbuds (for use with Chromebooks)  36 sharpened #2 pencils AND 10 mechanical pencils  10 glue sticks and 2 bottles of squeeze glue  3 reams of white copy paper AND notebook paper  1 ream of brightly colored paper * (not construction) 2 boxes of tissue First Grade  Hand Sanitizer  1 backpack (NO WHEELS!)  3 boxes of 24 crayons (Crayola brand)  Glue Sticks- 6 jumbo or 12 small  24 sharpened #2 pencils  1 bottle of Elmer’s Glue (not washable)  1 box of 18 Crayola colored pencils  1 2” white Binder w/ Cover pocket  1 package heavy duty page protectors  2 reams of white copy paper,  1 ream bright colored  2 packages of dry erase markers – 1 regular & 1 thin line  2 boxes of tissue  1 package fine tip Crayola washable marker 1 spiral notebook wide ruled  BOYS 1 package of Gallon zip lock bags GIRLS 1 package of quart zip lock bags Fourth Grade  Hand Sanitizer  1 backpack  1 package of pencil top erasers  24 sharpened #2 pencils*  3 packages 200 count filler paper (not spiral) 3 reams (500 count) of white copy paper*  3 boxes of tissue  2 glue sticks  1 package blue or black ballpoint pens  1 package dry erase markers  Fifth Grade  1 backpack  1 zipper pouch (not a hard box)  1 1” 3-ring binder  1 package  5-tab dividers  24 sharpened #2 pencils  4 pink erasers  1 package of colored pencils  1 highlighter 2 packages Dry Erase Markers (will be used DAILY)  2 spiral notebooks (100 pg)  1 package wide-ruled lined paper (not spiral bound)  3 reams (500 count) of white copy paper  2 boxes of tissue Hand Sanitizer The Front Office is always happy to accept donations of Tissue, Hand Sanitizer and Copy Paper.
Posted by Bambi Risden  On Jul 27, 2021 at 4:53 PM
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